School after hours


Aneta Furman
speech therapist, vice director
The profession of a speech therapist is my passion, and working with children is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, joy and satisfaction. What is important to me in speech therapy is a holistic approach, based on good relationships and trust.
Anna Królikowska-Bartczak
At work, I try to recognize a young person's resources and discover their potential.
I would like every neurodivergent person to be accepted and have the opportunity to develop in a safe and friendly space.
Beata Kalinowska
polish philologist, ethicist
I want children to be not only well-educated people, but also happy people who like themselves and their lives. That's why I try to expand my teaching model to include elements of building students' well-being.
Katarzyna Bogacka
english philologist
In my personal and professional life, I like to take on challenges and gain new experiences.
Magdalena Antosiak
educator, sociotherapist, oligophrenopedagog, sensory integration therapist
People are my passion, I look forward to working together and discovering their new passions and possibilities.
Paulina Jabłońska
english philologist
Each challenge is a new adventure for me, which I experience with all my being. For me, every effort is worth the price if the reward is a child's sincere smile.