School after hours

Izabela Wojtowicz
project partner
"School after hours"

She has a master’s in pre-school and early childhood education (UP, Kraków), is an experienced lead kindergarten teacher and support teacher, gestalt therapy psychotherapist (NGI, Oslo), coach (OsloMet, Oslo), mentor of students of early childhood education (OsloMet, Oslo) and trainer of parental counseling courses (ICDP & COS, Oslo).

She conducts courses, groups and online webinars for Polish parents in Norway as part of her activities in a non-governmental organization supporting families and children in Norway (Voksne for barn); member of the organization supporting entrepreneurial women in Norway – Prosjekt-K; leader and contractor of the project of parental counseling courses for Polish families in Norway in cooperation with the Polish Consulate in Norway. She has been living permanently in Oslo for 13 years, since 2015 runs a private psychotherapeutic practice in Oslo, providing individual and group therapy.

As a partner in the “School after hours” project, Izabela is responsible for coordinating study visits for Polish teachers; coordination of the conference in Oslo and participation in the conference in Żychlin; conducting ICDP and COS courses for project participants and conducting a workshop on self-development, internal motivation and internal strength.

Izabela sees her role as a bridge connector who can help in the meeting of two cultures, Polish and Norwegian, and in understanding the diverse approaches to education and childcare.