School after hours

Activities with children - Group 3 - Culinary classes – waffles

Today’s culinary classes were full of joyfulness, cooperation and taste. Together with the students, we decided to prepare delicious waffles with whipped cream and fresh fruit, which became an unforgettable experience. During the classes, the children actively participated in the process of preparing the cake for waffles. We used a simple recipe that allowed children to use different senses when measuring ingredients, mixing dough and forming waffles. After baking the waffles, children had the opportunity to decorate them with whipped cream and fresh, colorful fruits. Each child had the freedom to choose their favorite accessories, which made the decorating process a creative expression of their individuality. Eating prepared waffles together became a moment of integration. The children enjoyed the taste of homemade delicacies, which further strengthened their sense of achievement and independence. This unique experience provided them with positive memories and strengthened the sense of community within the group.