School after hours

Activities with children - Group 2 - Robotics classes

Robotics and programming classes with the Photon robot for our children focused on developing logical thinking skills, problem solving and the basics of programming. At the beginning of classes, children learn basic concepts related to robotics, such as the definition of a robot and its applications in everyday life and industry. Children are introduced to the Photon robot, learn how to operate it and what the basic functions of this robot are.


Participants are introduced to basic programming concepts such as statements, loops, and conditions. They use a simple programming interface available for a given robot. Children have the opportunity to practically apply their acquired skills by programming a robot to perform simple tasks. These may include, for example, routes to follow, overcoming obstacles or solving simple puzzles. To develop collaboration skills, children are encouraged to work in groups on more advanced projects. These may be tasks requiring coordination of the activities of several robots or programming more complex movement sequences. To sum up, robotics and programming classes with the Photon robot for primary school children are intended not only to teach the basics of programming, but also to develop creativity, problem-solving skills and cooperation.