School after hours

Activities with children - Group 2- outdoor games, team-building exercises, board games

During the classes, children participated in various activities: outdoor games, integration games and logic games. We started the classes with integration games to get to know the participants better. Then we played the game “Five Seconds” together. We ended the classes with outdoor games because we believe that childhood is a magical time, which should pass under the sign of endless, carefree games. Having fun in the open air is the best form of physical activity for children. When we add to this supporting development, properly selected toys we get a perfect set. Outdoor exercise has many health benefits. Unfortunately, nowadays, spending free time outside, on the playground or walking is increasingly replaced by playing computer games and watching TV.

Why is being outdoors important?

Air is one of the natural factors that have a very positive impact on the development of the child. As teachers, we should create as many opportunities to be outdoors as possible, regardless of the time of year.

The use of fresh air and sunshine is a basic condition for the hygiene of the respiratory and circulatory systems, which at the same time affect the development of the nervous and motor systems.

Children deprived of the opportunity to interact with nature cannot develop properly. In addition to the health benefits, outdoor play has a beneficial effect on psychophysical development. Thanks to a large number of stimuli and sensations, even a simple walk can become a useful attraction for the child and an opportunity to explore the world. As a result, the child gains knowledge, experience and skills. In a toddler who actively spends time outdoors, the cognitive sense is sharpened, motor coordination and fitness are improved, imagination develops, and during team games, children learn healthy competition.