School after hours

Activities with children - Group 2 - Art classes - formation of plastic mass and non-Newtonian liquid

During the classes, students prepared non-Newtonian liquid. It is a great sensory play for all children, in addition to the fun it is a nice relaxation for the hand. Any ordinary liquid under pressure easily dissolves sideways like water in a bathtub. The non-Newtonian liquid, on the other hand, changes its properties under pressure. Usually such a liquid changes its “hardness” sometimes to the point that you can walk on it. We were able to experience this extraordinary phenomenon. We also created an incredibly fragrant plastic mass. Plastic masses are colourful, fragrant, softer than modelin or plasticine. They provide many sensations and affect the child’s imagination. They stimulate all senses: smell, sight, touch and taste. They are a great idea for spending time with your child effectively, they have a huge impact on his development. During kneading, forming, curling, pinching or chopping, the child exercises small motor skills, i. e. the agility of hands and fingers. Plastics are an ideal means of expression. They have therapeutic power – they have a calming, relaxing effect, reduce stress. They support speech development and self-confidence. The children were very absorbed in the fun.