School after hours

Activities with children - Group 1, 2, 3 - Christmas Eve meeting

The last classes before Christmas were fun for all project participants. At the beginning of the class, the children received a multicolored yarn, cardboard rings, small ready-made stars, glue and other decorations. During the classes, children had the opportunity to develop manual skills by wrapping yarn, decorating stars and creating their own unique hats. The joint work integrated children from different project groups, which helped to build positive relationships between the participants. In the second part of the class we all went for a small snack, where the children could share their impressions and enjoy the results of their work. Then we all watched the Christmas story, creating together an atmosphere of magic and community. At the end of the class, the children received small gifts, which was a nice end to the meeting. This unique experience not only developed manual skills, but also promoted cooperation, creativity and a festive atmosphere among participants.