School after hours

Conference Żychlin 2024

On 21-22 March 2024, a conference was held summarizing the activities carried out within the framework of the “After-Hours School” project. During the conference, the participants of the project presented its main objectives and ways of achieving them. There were also lectures by specialists:
  • „Parents in the world of a child with SEN” – Anna Królikowska-Bartczak – a psychologist
  • „Visual defects in the children with SEN” – Martyna Skonieczna – an optometrist
  • „How to use new technologies (ICT) in the education and therapy of children with SEN” – Zyta Czechowska – NDON
  • „Risk behaviour of children and teenagers in the digital world” – dr Jakub Andrzejczak – prof. of Wiekopolska University of Social and Economics.
A panel discussion was also held.